Tips & Helpful Hints

Directions for use:

Apply desired color on clean, dry lips. Apply 3-4 times.

Never apply anything greasy (chapstick, vaseline, lotions) under or over this lipstick. We've told our customers for years - if you want it to come off eat fried chicken! The oils in these products will cause your lipstick to wear off quickly.

Tips & Hints:

You can mix colors! If mixing with another brand of lipstick, apply L'Paige first, and layer the other color on top (keeping in mind, no greasy products).

Favorites for blending:

#38 on top - adds a little golden brown to the color and decreases intensity of darker colors if desired.

#92 on top - adds a warm tone to a blue base, and decreases intensity of darker colors if desired. 

Any of your choosing! Lipsticks with a darker stain will have more staying power, these are the ones we recommend applying as a base. Apply your lighter color on top. 

All Sales Final 

Please contact with any questions or concerns - we are happy to help! 

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